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Skilled educators are just the beginning. our trainers are not only qualified, they are the sort of mentors you want by your side as you learn, upskill, and realise your dreams.

Charmaine van den Heever

Lead Trainer Beauty, Nails, Lash Extensions and Business – Mentor
Knowledge is power and a community armed with power can only thrive”

– Charmaine

Passionate about Education and a successful business owner, Charmaine has a solid vision of how these two worlds should come together. Access Training Academy will encompass this vision. Working in the Beauty Business, Education and Retail for the past 20 years over more than 3 continents, Charmaine has a very good understanding of the skills required to become successful and prosper in any economy.

“Everywhere you look, just walking around the city, you see someone doing something they’ve been trained to do. Whether it is a technician pulling up cables or fixing overhead wiring, someone building on a construction site, someone laying a tile, making coffee. Everywhere there are people with skills making the world go around.

We have to be seen as an exciting place, not only to study but an exciting place to work,” she says. “It has got to be collaborative and provide a useful education that will train students for jobs that actually exist. We also realise our student population is not homogenous. We need to make all our students successful, including those with learning difficulties, those who are older, and those who felt they failed at school. Our trainers will inspire all of them and take them on a new journey of learning.”

Charmaine became a successful business owner at the age of 22 when she started a Health and Beauty Day Spa in South Africa that grew at a phenomenal rate and just 2 years later was employing more than 15 therapists and tripled in Size. She has resided in Australia for the past 12 years, embracing the Australian Beauty Industry and Vocational Education system, achieving multiple Vocational, Beauty and Business qualifications, managing a Prestigious Private Beauty College, Guest Lecturing at WA TAFEs and served on the board of Professional Advisers for West Coast Institute of Technology and invited as a Judge at Worldskills.

“I have a passion for small business, and believe the key to success is to be more agile by making a few key changes, and by adopting an agile “mindset” – a focus on efficiency, responsiveness and flexibility” Charmaine has helped many health and beauty businesses find their niche and become more successful.

Leita Schmiedte

CND© Education Ambassador and Master Nail Educator

Leita Schmiedte is well known in the Industry for her role as Education Ambassador and National Education Manager for a Major Global Brand for over a decade. Leita’s focus and mission is to always provide the latest cutting edge education and information alongside the high-quality salon products and equipment. Hundreds of Nail technicians have been trained by Leita Nationwide and many very successful business owners.

“We provide brands that ensure the best salon performance ‒ this equals complete customer satisfaction from both salons and their retail clients, which leads to healthy repeat business. Our customers ‒ from single operators to large chain wholesalers ‒ always receive our full attention and respect, in both product delivery and support.

Education is also a big part of our customer service focus. We understand that the salon industry has its challenges, and we invest heavily in advanced education and support for our clients. Through education, our focus is to deliver information and pathways for salons to create and enjoy success, and grow their businesses. While we provide wonderful products, we also need to support salons by teaching owners the correct techniques and marketing to get the most out of our products.

This industry has been good to us and it constantly inspires me. It makes me very proud to see so many girls coming up through the ranks. It has brought me a lot of great friends” – Leita Schmiedte

Lauren Ward Wilson

Lead Trainer Master Make-up Artistry and Special Effects

To achieve success in a highly competitive make-up artistry industry, a high level of knowledge, training and professional approach is required.

Lauren Ward-Wilson started her career in 2008. Lauren prides herself in offering all-inclusive make-up services and training in make-up artistry and technology. Lauren loves all aspects of make-up but, particularly high fashion editorial and avant-garde.

With her extensive experience and industry reputation she has established herself as a premier trainer at MAC in the UK for 5 years. Lauren currently continues to be an industry leader in Australia by establishing herself at prestigious training organisations and coach and mentor students as young as 15.

Lauren is at the forefront of collaborations with industry experts in print media, professional agencies, artists and community projects. Lauren’s philosophy is beauty comes from within, make-up is an illusion. Our aim at Access Training Academy is to empower creativity thorough the world of beauty.

With Lauren as our Professional Make-up advisor at Access training academy she will lead you to success by introducing proven methods, industry skills and knowledge, creativity in application and versatility in training. Our courses are designed to provide students with skills needed to become professional in the make-up industry.

Ashley Burger

Make-up Specialist Trainer

As far as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by visual storytelling, by beauty and creative conceptualisation. Searching for a career that would allow me to combine all these things, I’ve studied Diploma of Makeup in 2016 and also gained International ITEC qualifications.

Practicing on friends and family is great way to get experience, but qualifications can set you up for a much more successful future. I have not looked back as my career grew from strength to strength, starting my own business, competing in on-line and live make-up competitions and now proud to be part of the ATA family.

And so, I found a place of endless possibilities, a space where my imagination can thrive. I gain inspiration through my senses from everything that surrounds me and its energy. I believe that my creations and growth as an artist arise from my power of materializing feelings into something valuable to others. The ability to receive and transfer such emotions through my work brings me an immeasurable satisfaction!

I am passionate about make-up and can’t wait to be part of your journey!

Jessica Pieterse

ATA Specialist Advisor Mentor and Coach – Beauty Therapy and International careers – ATA Access Success Program

Jessica Pieterse is a qualified Beauty & Skin care Therapist, she has studied at International Academy of health and skincare and achieved very highly regarded International ITEC Qualifications. Jessica has 13 years working experience as a beauty & skincare therapist traveling the world.

Jessica started her career in 2008 on board International cruise ships and followed her dream for 7 years on board cruise ships as a full-on body and skin care Therapist. Jessica now works at a very successful body, health and skincare Spa in South Africa.

Jessica is a hands-on Beauty Therapist who trained in beauty to help educate and help people feel better about themselves. There is nothing better to educate people about their bodies and skin and seeing the miraculous results afterwards and making them believe in anything is possible with the write education and home care regime.

“Coaching and mentoring therapists that is starting their journey in the beauty industry is my passion. Passing on my knowledge and experience is a privilege. The real art as beauty/health professional is practicing at the highest standards of service while looking professional and effortless”

Jessica’s philosophy is with great knowledge comes great responsibility, keeping yourself educated is very important it doesn’t matter how much experience you have or think you have. Ongoing training and keeping ourselves educated never stops, doesn’t matter how successful you are or think you are. Your client’s health and beauty is your responsibility. As a therapist your client comes to you because they trust in you and believe in you.

Sharon Tremain

ATA Specialist Advisor and Mentor – Master Trainer in Skin Therapies – ATA Access Success Program

Sharon is a Salon owner, Education Ambassador and Master Trainer offering Beauty Professionals top training and her clients with a range of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments that allow clients to feel and look revitalised and renewed.

Sharon specialises in skin diagnostics, skin revision and deliver outstanding results for all ages and skin concerns. Students and clients alike receive the benefit of her knowledge and regular training and coaching is offered to all therapists to keep up to date in skin health and ever-growing market changes.

Committed to continuous education, delivering the best possible outcomes for all client’s goals. A respected specialist who have a vast amount of experience in her field, Sharon’s portfolio of knowledge spans over 15 years in the Industry and currently provides education for:

DermaplanePro Professional Educator
Mayamy Brow Lamination Education
Lash Lift Education
SKIN O2 Master in Cosmedical Skincare
Skin Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) Educator

Specialist in:
Lash Lifting/Perming, Henna Brow Application & Design, Facials & Advanced Skin Resurfacing Treatments
Medik8 Professional Advanced CSA Philosophy, Pro Facials & Peels
Beauty Business systems
5 Star customer care