Why choose ATA?

ATA is the perfect timing partner for your journey from student to master! Here are a few reasons why.


Flexible Courses

Choose your course from any level, with course duration ranging from 4 hrs to 1 yr.


Hands-on Mentorship

Get face to face help from our seasoned professionals and industry experts


Ageless Learning

We provide nurturing training environment for blossoming beauticians as young as 15 yrs, right up to 115 yrs or even more. Age does not impact the willingness to learn.


Tip Top Trainers

All our courses are led by our top star trainers, who are both nationally and internationally recognised. Our trainers come with a wealth of experience and the highest level of industry expertise.

Our trainers are hand-selected and vetted to ensure that you receive a learning experience that is unrivalled in quality and support.


It's who you know

Let us assist you and your career growth with our wealth of industry associations, worldwide connections and a vast pool of resources. We offer you the most opportunities by helping you to achieve your international qualifications and introducing you to strong connections within the industry that we have fostered and cultivated over the years

We want to assist with your development in becoming a premium quality professional in your industry, and our partners and connection are with us, together, every step of the way.


Job Counselling / Placement

We offer you the full benefit of coming into the industry as a novice, providing you with the training and then in addition we counsel and assist you in the exciting field of finding that perfect work placement or apprenticeship.

Our students are always sought after because of the quality of training and experience that they receive here at ATA.


Focused Classes

We give our students more attention than they would get anywhere else, which is why we opt for smaller, more focused classes. We can see the value in fostering strong students for long term gain over packed classes where you don’t get the attention you need or deserve.

Our highest quality of training relies on our close interaction between our students and their teachers.


Flexible Training

We fit with your busy schedule. We train in a part-time basis, during school hours, night classes, Saturdays and even provide Skype classes and workshops. We are always looking for ways to help those who want to learn


The Right Atmosphere

When you walk into ATA you walk into our incubator of knowledge and growth. Our staff and lecturers are friendly, supportive and accommodating.

Our vast amounts of teaching materials and holistic learning styles ensures you’re properly trained and well positioned to succeed as an industry professional.


Perfect Location

ATA is conveniently located in close proximity at Two Rocks Shopping Centre and public transport. In addition, ample free parking is also available. Our location was hand-picked to ensure that we are as easy to access as possible.


Recognition of Prior Learning

ATA has a Mutual Recognition of Prior Learning Policy. Prior learning is considered if your qualifications were issued by another accredited and registered training organisation, and can be verified and examined


Our Student Clinic

Our Student Clinic simulates a beauty salon and provides a real-life learning environment for Beauty students to practice as professionals. Our hands-on approach of realistic practices gives students realistic expectations and ensures they feel well equipped to work in the beauty industry.

Important skills that extend beyond the treatments, such as business and interpersonal skills, are gained in this environment.

Find the course for you.